Cantine 4 Valli represents the brands Il Poggiarello, Borgofulvia, 4Valli and Perini&Perini

The control of the entire production chain – from vineyard to cellar, from distribution to table – ensures a strict attention to the final result: each wine expresses its territory in the best possible way.
the jewel in the crown

Il Poggiarello, the flagship of Cantine 4 Valli acquired in 1980, is committed to enhancing the species of vine of the Piacenza tradition and aims at the utmost excellence.

the cross line

Not only Piacenza: Borgofulvia is the most cross-cutting line of Cantine 4 Valli, with wines coming from the most suited areas in Italy for wine-growing, yet the principle is the same: to express the territories of origin in the best possible way.

the historical brand

The historical brand of Cantine 4 Valli has been on the tables of the Italians for over seventy years. Authentic and genuine wines that represent the Piacenza tradition in the best possible way.

grapes from the territory

Genuine and distinctive, these wines are made with grapes that come exclusively from the Piacenza territory. The signature on the label is a warranty of the attention paid to the entire production chain.